This is not your ordinary mobility ebook

There is already a lot written about the future of mobility, mostly from a digital transformation perspective and how technological evolutions are shaping the future. 

In this vision slide deck we will show you the bigger picture.

What you will learn:  

  • How the future of mobility is tightly connected with the future of how we work and live
  • How these 3 forces, each with their own perfect storm are creating a metastorm in society
  • Current trends solving our mobility problems
  • Our vision and what we’ll need to make it happen

The goal of this vision slide deck is to give a holistic framework. However, with a focus on the future of mobility and more specifically the impact on individual car ownership.  

This is not your average industry ebook. Download it to see why.


About Duval Union Consulting 

Duval Union Consulting was founded in 2009 by Jo Caudron & Dado Van Peteghem. We grew the company into a team of 30 innovators in Belgium, Dubai, The Netherlands and Spain.  

Our goal is to make organizations future-proof. We are new-style management consultants focusing on transforming and growing organizations in a digital-first world.  

New-style? Co-created business strategy, custom-made transformation trajectories and actual experienced business advisors are only some of our differentiators and why clients love to work with us. We design the future of your business together.  

Read our client case to see how we transformed Volvo Trucks

In 2015 Volvo Trucks Belgium and Duval Union Consulting worked together on a strategic project. Together, we created a future vision, strategy and a concrete roadmap of actions that would set Volvo Trucks on a path of successful transformation. 

Today, we’re happy to see the first fruits of our collective labor and we’re very proud that our client is seizing every opportunity become future-proof.

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